Ing. De Aloe Costruzioni is specialized in “in-service” services and has highly specialized operators and equipment.


IN-SERVICE main activities include

Comprehensive diagnostic services for both the rail geometry and its usage status, in particular:

  • Ultrasonic checking of rails and welding
  • Monitoring of railroad switches
  • Checking of track and third rail geometry and wear

The service is provided through qualified staff and certified and approved equipment.
Moreover, the company has a road-rail truck for railway diagnostics, which can detect and provide an electronic format report (with images) on parameters such as:

  • Track gauge
  • Cant
  • Track twist
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment of the rail profile
  • Moire
  • High frequency and precision video-inspection (providing digital data pursuant to regulations in force)
  • Geometric checking and video-inspection of the third rail, with survey on wear and measurement of the opening of expansion joints

The use of an easily movable two-mode vehicle allows a quick usage in any kind of railways.

This service, already provided on different railways and subways, can give the customer a useful support to the inspection of the track status and the planning of maintenance of the same.

For private railways and railways under concession, subways or private railway stations, this diagnosis, carried out on a loaded track, represents an objective document to prove the geometrical parameters measured and maintain safety standards.